NAIMA/KPMG Alternative Investments Forum

  The annual NAIMA/KPMG Alternative Investments Forum is targeted at local family offices and similar allocators looking to diversify their portfolio into alternative asset classes that are de-correlated from broad market trends and offer a superior risk-reward ratio. Other participants in the event are existing and future private equity funds, …

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Bloomberg seminar “Setting up a Hedge Fund”

April 21, NAIMA took part in a seminar organized by Bloomberg, on the theme of creating and managing a hedge fund.

Michael Boboshko, chairman of hedge funds NAIMA committee, lead consultant for the organization-hedge funds, spoke at the event as a speaker.



Michael Boboshko is speaking to a group of future hedge fund managers on the state of the Russian hedge fund universe. He represents the statistics based upon a survey of almost 100 hedge funds as of December 31, 2014.